24-hour roadside assistance is something you don’t need until you really need it. As truckers ourselves at Phoenix Tire, we opted in to 24-hour roadside assistance, and highly recommend any other driver to do the same. When we drive, we never had a problem with our rigs. Talking with fellow truckers though, we’ve had heard horror stories, so we always say to subscribe to roadside assistance. Figured it couldn’t hurt. One driver told us a few months ago the had a major blow out that happened late at night. He said roadside assistance proved to be one of the best decisions he ever made.

Cities Few and Far Between

Most southwest driving stretches from parts of Texas to southern California. The thing about this area of the country is once you drive out of one metro area, you might not come across a town for hours. Driving south from Phoenix there is probably one suitable town before reaching Tucson. One client blew out driving from Phoenix to Albuquerque, which has even fewer potential destinations. This causes a few different issues. For one, cell service is spotty, and accessing my mobile data for contacting potential roadside assistance providers is difficult. Leaving the rig isn’t an option when maybe a hundred miles from a possible service station, and while the driver had the blow out at night, sitting and waiting in the heat can prove dangerous. With their 24-hour roadside assistance, they had the ability to call out (thankfully they did have service in the area) and in a short period of time help came my way.

Without the roadside assistance, they would have been in serious trouble. We do highly recommend this service anywhere you are in the country, it is almost more important in the southwest just due to the lack of towns along the routes.

Worth the Price

The roadside assistance is well worth the price. Without this service, many drivers would have ended up paying three or four times the amount for the middle of the night service request. Everything a driver needs assistance with is typically covered under the package, and while someone might lose about a day of driving, they could have been out much more than just a day’s drive time. 24-hour roadside assistance is worth it, which is why we at Phoenix Tire suggest it for all drivers, wherever their gigs might take them.