Semi trucks and other types of heavy vehicles don’t use the same type of braking system as cars. Most heavy trucks use an air brake system in order to stop instead of hydraulic brakes. This is beneficial for a few reasons: no need to worry about brake fluid or minor leaks, and air brakes provide a more effective braking system for such large vehicles.

Much like driving with an air brake system is different, truck repair for semi trucks with air brakes is also different.

Professionals working in brake and tire service industry in Arizona must have specific knowledge and experience in dealing with semi truck braking systems. Air brakes rely on air pressure to work, so mechanics often look at the compressor belt first. Connectors and seals are also a source of air brake problems, so if there is still a problem that is usually where they will check next.

It’s a good idea to inspect your air brake system regularly to catch problems before they turn into major issues. Anything you find should be brought to the attention of your expert in brake and tire service in Arizona.

While you are working to ensure your brakes are in good shape, take a look at each truck tire, too. Good commercial tires on Phoenix business vehicles are a key part of ensuring safety and success with any trucking endeavor. Your commercial tires for Phoenix trucks should be picked out specifically for the type of work each vehicle is doing, made to carry the loads and handle the wear and tear without problems. Your mechanic dealing in commercial tires in Phoenix can help you figure out what the best truck tire setup is for your fleet.

When you think about the air brake and truck tire systems a big rig uses, you should be able to easily understand the importance of regularly visiting an expert in brake and tire service in Arizona. A good truck tire setup and a properly functioning air brake system can be the difference between disaster and safety.

Accessing brake and tire service in Arizona is worth it every time – consider it an investment in the future of your company, as well as securing your reputation as a safe, conscientious company which cares about the quality and durability of its business vehicles.