As a top new tire dealer in Phoenix, of course we encourage you to buy new tires! But if you must buy used, a new law offers some protection by defining the attributes of waste tires. Unfortunately, it does not penalize used tire dealers who place unsafe tires on your vehicle.

Waste Tires vs Used Tires

The bill defines waste tires as having visible damage, exposed inner parts, or puncture repairs that could spell disaster due to their size, placement, or methodology. By law, waste tires are never supposed to make it onto a lot or retail setting. Ariz. Rev. Stat. § 44-1304 prohibits vehicles and tires from being sent to junkyards or incinerators, and provides for tire recycling programs. In other words, you can’t just go to a junkyard and salvage tires to resell. Phew.

Hopefully, by defining waste tires in Arizona, there will be more clarity regarding when it’s time to take your faithful road-shoes to the great tire recycling center in the sky. Yet without accountability, some dealers might take advantage of loopholes. And definitions won’t stop your well-meaning uncle from giving you his old fixer-upper. Either way, it’s important to visit a mechanic when you purchase or receive a used vehicle.

Now, we’re not suggesting that used tire salesmen are soulless anarchists. There are other regulations that hold them accountable, not to mention the almighty dollar and that little thing we call a conscience. You can’t stay in business if you sell bad tires, and you certainly don’t want to put lives at risk. Still, new tires are a solid long-term investment compared to buying used. You know what kind of performance and lifespan to expect, and you’ll be protected by warranty.

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