They litter the highway like cattle skulls in an old western movie: the shredded remains of blown-out tires. Professional drivers check their tires routinely, and the rest of us should take precautions to avoid tire blow-outs. What Causes Tire Blow-Outs? Because we see so many tire carcasses in summer, you might assume that overfilling causes[…] Read More

If you drive for a living, you’ve been side-eyeing self-driving technology for a while now. At the International Transport Forum, autonomous trucks and eHighways were among the technologies discussed by those concerned about cutting shipping costs and carbon emissions. When it comes to eHighways, don’t quit your day job eHighways are wired sections of road.[…] Read More

Driving in the desert is a far different animal than driving anywhere else. During the summer months, the pavement is hot enough to cook meat, and with little to no moisture in the air, just about everything dries out faster. Such driving conditions can be unforgiving on any part of a vehicle, but especially the[…] Read More