Every day, people get into commercial vehicles and drive to job sites or deliver merchandise. While commercial tires are constantly in use, they are also often misunderstood. Let’s look at some of the misconceptions that surround the commercial truck tire in order to have a better understanding of commercial tires in Phoenix.

Myth – Recapped Tires Can’t Be Used in Steer Wheel Positions

A lot of people think that recapped tires can’t be used in steer wheel positions, but that is only the case with passenger carrying buses. Other than that, recapped tires can be used on any vehicle, in any position. Because of that, they are an excellent option when looking for commercial tires in Phoenix. They will save you money while still providing you with the benefits of a new truck tire. Simply contact a tire service in Arizona to get recapped tires for your commercial vehicle.

Myth – Low Load Range Tires Aren’t as Durable as High Load Range Tires

People think that load range and durability are related, but they are not. Commercial tires in Phoenix with a high load range are just as susceptible to cuts, punctures, and other tire issues. Because of that, buy the load range that you need instead of buying a higher load range in order to increase durability. If you are not sure what load range you need, consult with a tire service in Arizona.

Myth – Coins Strengthen Tire Repairs

Lots of commercial vehicle drivers and owners think they can make tire repairs stronger by placing a coin under the patch. In fact, this will weaken the adhesive’s ability to stick to the tire. That, in turn, will make the tire more likely to leak. Leave the coins in your pocket any time you are repairing a truck tire. Otherwise, you will have to replace your commercial tires in Phoenix more often.

Myth – Three Treads Have to Show Through a Lug Nut

Some people believe that the US Department of Transportation requires that three treads show through a lug nut, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The lug nut should be flush. Otherwise, it will not properly secure the truck tire in place.

Myth – Deeper Treads Wear Better

In reality, tires with deep treads often show uneven wear over time. That is because the treads actually compress under the weight of the load. It is important that commercial vehicle owners buy tires with the correct tread depth so they experience even wear. Otherwise, they will have to hire a tire service in Arizona to replace or recap their tires on a regular basis.

Keep these myths in mind when looking for commercial tires in Phoenix.