Searching for the right tires for any rig is important. In this business, tires are never created equal. At Phoenix Tire, we have looked around for years, experimenting with different kinds of tires. Not only do the right tires improve handling, but the tires help save money in the long run. Inferior tires may cost less up front but need replacing after 100,000 miles instead of maybe 150,000. All of this adds up. So, we do have some recommendations and pointers for the right tires in bad weather.

There is No “Right” Tire For Everyone

First of all, there is no right tire for every truck. Different trucks have different requirements. It is always important to check around for what a particular rig works better with. From the age of the truck to the weight and what is being towed. With that said, we do have a few favorites.

“Bad Weather” in the Southwest

For any green driver in the southwest, they may simply assume it is nothing but perfect roads and sun. Now, the weather is nowhere near what it is in the midwest and northeast, it can still experience some bad weather. In Arizona, monsoon season runs through much of the summer months, which basically means extremely heavy rain for short periods of time. Snow can hit in parts of the area, although nothing too extensive. Due to this, we generally don’t recommend snow tires in this area, but we do instead recommend specific tires for the rain found in the area.

Our Favorite Tires

We are big proponents of the Michelin XZA3 tires. We find you can churn out around 150,000 miles with these. We know some drivers have actually put the tires on both the steers and the drives as it runs so smoothly. Weathers nicely in the rain and the heat. Now, while some run the tires on both steer and drive, it’s important for anyone else to consider a regular drive tire might have thicker rubber for more life, which is why we point out each truck is a bit different.

Continental HSL and HSR tires are nice for heavy rain in the season and also handles well in heat. For anyone who does most of their driving in Utah and Colorado during the winter months, we at Phoenix Tire point out any kind of truck tire with an open shoulder for better handling.