Foam filling tires have been around since 1970, but many companies still don’t understand the cost benefits these tires provide. Foam filling commercial tires have several cost saving benefits that will make it much easier to stay within your budget. If you need to cut some costs, consider using these tires for your business.

No Flat Tires

Flat tires can be costly. You might end up on the phone with the tire service every week due to flat tires on different commercial vehicles in your fleet. You can avoid that problem by getting foam filling commercial tires. It does not matter if you run over a nail or the tire gets sliced. It will not go flat, so you can continue to conduct your work without having to replace or fix the tire.

No Down Time

When you don’t have flat tires, you don’t just save on the cost of replacing or fixing the tire with a Phoenix mobile tire repair service. You also save by avoiding downtime. Work won’t grind to a halt every time someone runs over a piece of glass. The more productive the company is, the more money it makes.

Improves Wear on the Tread

If the tread on your commercial tires wears unevenly, you will have to get them recapped or replaced. Foam filling tires help the tread wear evenly. That means you can wait longer between replacing your commercial tires. That can save your company thousands of dollars every year on new tires. It can also save the company on lost time, since you won’t have to take the equipment in to get the tires replaced nearly as often as you would with standard tires.

Can be Recapped

When you have foam filling tires, you can contact a Phoenix mobile tire repair service for recapping. That way, you do not have to purchase new commercial tires when the treads are worn. Once they are recapped, they will ride like new.

With all of these money saving benefits, you can expect to get a fast return on your investment with these tires. In fact, many business owners state that they make up the money they spent on the tires the very first time they avoid a flat tire. That means they pay for themselves and then some over the duration of their lives. In other words, you won’t just save money. You really end up making money when you get these tires.