If you have a blowout on the road, you have two options. You can get your vehicle towed somewhere or you can contact a mobile mechanic in Phoenix who can come out and assess the situation and do the work right then and there. Mobile tire repair will save you a great deal of time so you can get back on the road quickly. Before you contact a mobile mechanic in Phoenix, though, you need to make sure the company has certain qualities.

TIA Certification

It is important to choose a mobile tire repair company that uses Tire Industry Association (TIA) certified technicians. In order to get certified, technicians must go through classes and pass an exam. This ensures that they know everything there is to know about mobile tire repair for commercial and passenger vehicles. When you choose a mobile mechanic in Phoenix with TIA certified technicians, you will know you are in good hands and your tires will be repaired right the first time.

24 Hour Service

You never know when you will need mobile tire repair. Today, you might need it at noon, but next time, you might need it at midnight. With that in mind, choose a company that offers a 24 hour tire service. That way, the company will be ready for you, even if you need help in the middle of the night. In addition, make sure the service is available on holidays so you never have to worry about finding a different company.

Full Shop

It is important that you also choose a company that has a full shop at their disposal. That way, they can take you back to the shop for difficult jobs. This will prevent you from having to find another mechanic if the problem is too great to be handled on the road.

Other Repair Options

It is a good idea to choose a 24 hour tire service that also has other repair options available. For instance, if you choose a company that also offers mechanical services, you can get some extra help if needed.

Choosing the right mobile tire repair service is the first step in keeping your vehicle running. Your service will always be a phone call away, so you will not have to worry about running into issues on the road. You can simply call your mobile mechanic in Phoenix to fix the problem before it becomes a serious issue. Best of all, you won’t have to go into a shop in order to get back on the road.