Before you purchase commercial tires, you need to make sure you know what you are looking for in a tire. While your 24 hour tire service can help you select the right tires, it is always a good idea to go into the process understanding what you want and need. This information will make things much quicker and easier for you. It will also ensure that you are happy with your commercial truck tires in Phoenix.

Tire Ratings

It is a good idea to look through the owner’s manual or on the vehicle’s tire label to determine the original size and ratings for your commercial truck tires in Phoenix. You will see the tire width, aspect ratio, radial, wheel diameter, load index and speed rating. Choose the same width, aspect ratio, radial and wheel diameter when you buy your new tires. However, you can get tires with a higher load index and speed rating. Just make sure the load index and speed rating is at least equal to the ratings on the original tires.

Retread Ability

It is a good idea to consider a tire’s retread ability before your purchase. If you pick a tire that can be recapped several times, you will save a lot of money on commercial truck tires in Phoenix. Michelin, Continental, Yokohama, and Toyo Tires all have good recapping ratings. Keep that in mind when purchasing commercial truck tires in Phoenix.

Consider the Worst Case Scenario

It is important to consider the worst conditions you will ever have to drive in with the tires. For instance, if you have to drive through the snowy mountains, you will need to choose tires that were made for the snow. It is important to understand that you need to think of the worse conditions, even if you only have to drive in them a couple of times a year. That will save you from having to call a mobile diesel mechanic or tire repair company to get you out of sticky situations. Instead, you will able to handle the conditions you face when you are on the road.

The right commercial tires will help you stay on the road and get your job done. While you have a general idea of how to find the right commercial truck tires in Phoenix, your tire service can help you with the rest. Your premier 24 hour tire service will help you with everything from choosing the right load index to picking the right type of traction.