Tires cost money. In fact, most companies have to allot large portions of their budgets to tire replacement. If you surveyed different companies, you would find that the majority spend the most on labor, then fuel, and then tires. Because tire replacement can be costly, many wonder if recapping is a better financial option. The short answer is yes. Recapping tires will save you money. Knowing the answer isn’t enough, though. Let’s take a closer look at this so you will fully understand why it is beneficial to have a mobile diesel mechanic recap your truck tires.

Lower Price

A recapped tire costs approximately half the cost of a new truck tire. That alone shows that you can save a great deal of money on recapped tires. Of course, you can’t continue to recap tires over and over again forever. However, you can recap them multiple times, which means you can save a ton of money before you have to get a full tire replacement. Then, once you go through a full tire replacement, you can start the recapping process once again.

Same Longevity

Some people think that recapped tires don’t last as long as new tires do. Because of that, they think they won’t really save money on recapped tires. In reality, a recapped truck tire lasts as long as most new tires do so you are getting the same durability without the hefty price tag that comes with a full tire replacement.

Same Function

Others claim that recapped tires don’t perform as well, so they are not as safe. In their minds, recapped tires cost more in the long run because they cause accidents. Again, this is not true. Recapped tires are just as good as new tires are. In fact, they are so safe that the Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau reports that approximately 80% of all US aircraft tires are recapped. You should feel safe and secure on the road when you have recapped tires. They can carry the same load and handle the same types of terrain as new tires can.

As you can see, it makes sense to recap your tires. Contact a mobile diesel mechanic to handle your recapping for you. Then, it will be like you have new tires, but they will only cost a fraction of the price. They will still be just as durable and powerful as they would be if you paid for a full tire replacement.