Tires are something that you can never afford to skimp on with your fleet. Obviously, making sure your fleet’s tires are always in good shape keeps your drivers and the public safe on the road. At the same time, fleet managers need cost-effective strategies to run a productive business. Here are three money-saving tips that can help save your company money without compromising quality:

Pick the Right Tire for the Job

Always comparison shop and select the proper tires for all your vehicles. Every vehicle that is sold in the United States has a doorjamb sticker that provides all the information you should need to choose the right tires for it. This information can also be found in the vehicle’s owner manual. Make sure that the tires you purchase meet the minimum or exceed the vehicle manufacturers’ OEM specifications and DOT standards.

It’s Not All About Price

If you are only shopping by price, you may not be getting the best deal with it comes to service life. A less expensive tire could have a shorter lifecycle. Avoid used tires and lesser quality tires that have been recapped. Warranties should be worked into the price as well. If you are looking for a deal, shop tire manufacturer specials. You are likely to get a better deal when purchasing tires in quantity.

Keep Up with Inspections

As with any vehicle part or system, tires last longer with proper maintenance. Make it a practice that operators and mechanics take the time to regularly inspect your fleet’s tires. Establish best practices and accountability systems to ensure compliance. Check tire pressure, tire tread depth and sidewall condition on a regular basis. A tire that is under-inflated by just 10 percent could decrease tire life by up to 16 percent because of added wear and tear.

Where your fleet’s tires are concerned, make sure you’re aware of local, state and federal regulations regarding tire conditions. Proactive shopping and preventative maintenance save money by improving the lifecycle of your tires, and avoid the financial disaster of a vehicle crash.