Picking out farm tractor tires can be more complex than buying truck tires. Phoenix farmers and others who use farm tractors need tires that can stand up to hard work and heavy loads, and to complicate things further, farm tractor tires are designed differently than truck tires. Phoenix shoppers, here’s some information that may help you narrow down your choices.

Before you go shopping for farm tractor tires, think about the kind of work you are doing with the tractor.

If you are generally doing dry land farming, R-1 Ag tires should work well for you. You can choose different Ag tires with varying tread depths, which will give you more traction in wet or heavy soil. Look for R-1W or R-2 Ag tires if you need extra gripping power.

Turf tires, or R-3 farm tractor tires, are good if you are trying to protect your turf. These farm tractor tires are also sometimes used by people who want traction on gravel or sand, and even in snow.

The R4 farm tractor tires are an industrial tire, marrying high traction with turf protection.

All of these farm tractor tires work well as rear tires, but for front tires, you may wish to get ribbed tires instead. Whether you choose tires with one, two, or up to five ribs, all depends on what kind of work you are doing. Some rib styles offer a high degree of steering control while others are best for tractors that are driven on roads.

If you are not sure about what type of farm tractor tires would be best for your equipment, contact the experts in tractor and truck tires in Phoenix! Phoenix Tire stocks numerous types of farm tractor tires and can consult with you about your tractor and what you need it to do.

Don’t forget that tractors still need the same tire repair and maintenance that trucks do, so plan ahead for regular tire repair and inspection. Staying on top of tire repair for your farm equipment is one of the best ways to get a long life out of your investment, and also cuts down on lost time and money – with your tires in good repair, you are less likely to experience a sudden tractor tire emergency while you are working on the farm!