You can wait until your truck is having problems to care for it, or you can schedule preventative vehicle care and save yourself the hassle in the future. Preventative vehicle care goes a long way in keeping your rig on the road and running smoothly – there is little to lose with this strategy!

The various parts of your rig should be inspected regularly. This includes engine parts, tires, exterior seals and features, the trailer, etc. When your rig is inspected on a regular basis it is easier to notice if something seems to need a bit of repair, and it is much easier to fix small problems than to deal with your whole truck falling apart on the road!

Your tires are an important part of your rig – without them, you literally cannot go anywhere. Preventative maintenance for your semi truck tires includes ensuring the semi truck tire size is correct, checking your semi truck tire pressure, and looking at things like tread and tire condition to ensure that tires do not need to be replaced.

Engine care includes checking on fluids levels and quality, ensuring all parts are in good shape, and testing the engine to make sure it is running properly.

Seals and other equipment are inspected, lubricated, repaired, and maintained to a high quality to make sure that everything is where it should be and functioning properly.

Your mechanic service should have a checklist to fill out every time you bring your truck in for an inspection and/or maintenance. This way, if a problem pops up, you can look back and see when it was last deemed to be in good shape.

Preventative care is one part of keeping your rig in good shape. You should also invest in mobile mechanic services – a mobile mechanic with 24 hour tire service is perfect for those times when, no matter how much preventative work you’ve done, your truck runs into issues on the road. Having a mobile mechanic to help you out with 24 hour tire service is the difference between being stuck on the side of the road waiting, and getting back to the work at hand, keeping deliveries moving, customers happy, and your rig running as smoothly as possible.