Commercial vehicles experience a lot of wear and tear during their use – these vehicles are made to get things done! But the frequency and duration of usage can lead to breakdowns and other issues more frequently than the driver of a personal vehicle might experience. There are a few common scenarios that will lead commercial vehicle drivers to call for assistance from a mobile diesel mechanic or other technician.

Tire Troubles

Tires take the brunt of a lot of the work a commercial vehicle puts in. It’s no wonder that each truck tire is susceptible to quite a bit of damage! Treads wear out, tire pressure gets low, and running over things in the road, even small objects, can lead to damage – or worse, a flat.

It is important to inspect your truck tire situation regularly, and look into repairs or tire replacement if it’s deemed necessary. It’s better to pay for tire replacement in advance than have to call out a mechanic to help with your truck tire problem on the side of the road.

Keeping up with your tire replacement and inspection schedule is a great way to reduce the risk of truck tire-related breakdowns.

Engine Troubles

An overheated engine, or an engine lubrication problem can quickly put any commercial vehicle to a halt, forcing you to call in for help from a mobile diesel mechanic. A good mobile diesel mechanic will have you back in service shortly, but it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your oil, as well as your cooling system. A mobile diesel mechanic can also take a look at these systems if you are concerned about how well they may be functioning.

Fuel Failures

It might seem like an obvious thing to do, but always make sure you have enough fuel to get to where you want to go! Running out of gas on the road can be an expensive mistake for commercial vehicle drivers, so fuel up whenever your gas gage dips too far below your comfort level. It’s better to stop and get gas than drive past a station and run out of fuel a few hours later.

With a bit of planning and observation, commercial vehicle drivers can avoid these common issues and avoid the need to call for help.