Kumho Tire is famous for its unbelievable control on every terrain, from snow to dirt to pavement. This brand has been making headlines lately. Before we find out why, let’s talk about Kumho’s history.

Kumho’s History

Kumho Tire started off with humble beginnings in 1960 South Korea. Today, this tire brand has become one of the largest manufacturers with factories in China, Vietnam, England, and the US.

Manchester United

In 2007, Manchester United became the official sponsor of Kumho.


In 2014, Kumho was named the official tire of the NBA.

La Liga

That same year, Kumho became a sponsor of La Liga, the men’s top professional association football division of the Spanish football league system.


Doublestar is China’s second largest tire brand. Kumho’s relationship with them began on January 18, 2017. It was not until March 30 of 2018, though, that Kumho’s management and union agreed to sell a controlling stake to Doublestar. The stake was exactly 45%.

The Future of Kumho

Kumho stated that their brand name will remain in use. Its management will be independent from Doublestar.

The Korean tire brand would like to focus on being eco-friendlier. They plan to make their tires more affordable by normalizing Chinese production.

Kumho Tires

Ecsta PS91

This is one of Kumho’s newest tires. It’s handcrafted to take on wet and dry land, handling at a sky-high performance. These tires are made for speed-enthusiasts.

Road Venture AT51

Kumho’s new tire boasts of grip both on and off the road. This tire offers both incredible traction and comfort. It can handle terrains such as heavy snow, mud, and wet highways.

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