With so mounting expenses for the average truck driver, it’s important to have a reliable company who sells quality tires for those who are trying to live within a budget. With the ever changing weather from state to state across the western part of America, it’s also extremely important to have tires that are safe and reliable no matter what condition you are driving in. To help you out with this, We’ve taken the time to research and use my own experience to help guide you when it comes to purchasing the best tires on a budget for seasonal driving.


Yokohama is a household name in a truck driver’s family, and rightfully so. They make some of the best quality tires with outstanding features. Here are a few makes by this company that can help you on your next trip, no matter what season it is.

  • TY517

The Yokohama TY517 will get you to your destination safely with 24/7 roadside service and state of the art materials that help to increase traction and durability. An added bonus, this tire helps to offset travel expenses by decreasing the amount of fuel used.

  • TY517 MC2

Another outstanding tire, the Yokohama TY517 MC2 has 28/32″ original tread depth. This helps the tire grip the road for added traction and safety. They also help increase roll resistance and lower fuel costs, so you get home to your family safely (and with a little more change in your pocket from that added fuel savings).


Toyo Tires

  • M614

The Toyo M614 is a great combination for a tire that needs long haul and regional drive qualities. Offering great traction and good mileage, the M614 is great for the truck driver who needs quality within budget.

  • M650

A regional and urban drive tire, the Toyo M650 combines durability, traction, and excellent fuel efficiency that make this a great commercial tire. It lets you get to your destination safely and save some money from lower fuel costs and fewer tire changes.

When it comes to safety, you can’t really put a price on it. However, with Phoenix Tire, you can have safety, convenience, and a great price wrapped into one. Next time you need options for 24/7 roadside assistance, or advice on a great tire for your rig, give us a call and let us use our years of experience and knowledge to help get your truck