It is important to keep your truck well maintained and in good repair, to prolong its life and make the most of what your vehicle has to offer. By keeping your truck tires and other truck parts in good shape, you are ensuring that you will be less likely to face costly emergency repairs in the future.

Some of our truck repair tips are ideal for truck owners to do on their own, while others are better suited for professionals. Put together they should keep your truck tires and the rest of your truck running well for a long time to come!

Make sure you have all of the basic tools you need for truck tire repair on hand in your vehicle, and subscribe to a roadside assistance service. Having these items and services available will save you from panic if something happens on the road.

Make sure you employ a tire change service regularly, if you are switching out tires or heavily using your truck. You should keep an eye on your tread, to see if it is wearing evenly or too worn out to be safe. Many people suggest the penny trick — place the penny head down between your tire tread. If Lincoln’s head can be seen fully, you need a tire change service.

Do not rely solely on sensors to tell you about your truck. Know how to manually check fluids and other systems, and do so on a scheduled basis. Your sensors may not show any issues, but you never know if there is something going on under the hood that has gone undetected.

Before you head out on the road, whether it is a long trip or a shorter jaunt, be sure to inspect your truck and its components carefully. The last thing you want to experience is a breakdown or mechanical issue while you are out on the road, far away from your home base.

Truck tire repair and maintenance is a key responsibility for every truck driver and truck owner. If you skimp out on truck repair, you will pay for it somewhere down the road. Save yourself the expense by investing a bit of time up front, and make sure that you keep up with all routine and emergent repairs on your truck.