Outfitting a rig with band new tires is expensive. Whether a driver owns his or her own rig or a transport company needs new tires for a half-dozen different setups, saving money on every tire is important. Yet so is investing in good quality, because safety and performance are still the top priorities when purchasing new tires. Follow these tips when shopping around for wholesale truck tire dealers:

Compare Prices

Comparing prices from the different truck tire dealers is a straightforward process. Remember, dealers often provide steeper discounts for bulk orders.

Brand Variety

Options are important. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to commercial truck tires. There are several excellent brands on the market, so even if a dealer doesn’t stock your favorite, there are likely similar tires in terms of price and quality. Testing out different makes and brands can help any driver find a personal favorite.

Industry Tires

Different industry vehicles often require different tires. From garbage trucks to long haul commerce trucks, a quality wholesale dealer should be knowledgeable about each kind.

Equipment List

Knowing what tires works for specific vehicles is a sign of an excellent wholesale provider. With varying sizes, knowing if a desired tire is going to work on a given rig will reduce the amount of time it takes hunting down the best tire possible. The right tire match for a vehicle is as important to safety and performance as brand, if not more so.

Saving money on quality tires is important, regardless of who is purchasing the material. From a single vehicle to an entire fleet, finding the best wholesale truck tire dealer is a must. If you’re in Phoenix, put us to the test.