Car sales have increased over the last several years, both in the United States and globally as more people around the world are able to afford a family vehicle. More cars means more tires, which means tire factories are building up their capacity and with it, the number of jobs available.

Toyo recently announced the need to produce an additional 7.2 million passenger tires annually. The increase in production will occur globally, a tire industry norm, but most of the profits will stem from Toyo Tire North America Manufacturing in Georgia. 

The additional tires produced in the Georgia plant will be for all makes and models of vehicles, ranging from sedans to CUVs, SUVs and pickup trucks. Light truck tires are particularly in demand in the North American market.

The United States facility has produced tires since 2005 and has become a major employer in Bartow County, Georgia. Their last expansion added 650 jobs, as reported in 2013. By the time plant construction is complete and all the necessary changes are implemented, the United States facility will be able to produce a total of 13.9 million tires annually.

In order to increase production so drastically, Toyo is planning on investing a total of 14 billion yen (or over $12.4 million) into the facility in Georgia. The company will continue to roll in the monetary investments in order to achieve increased production by 2020. 

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