Tire performance is essential when it comes to commercial truck driving. There have been several exceptional technological and performance advancements in truck tires over the years. Here are 10 brands to consider (in no particular order):


Hankook has slowly but surely become one of the top commercial tire brands on the market. The LP 22.5 and 11R22.5 are fantastic trailer tires as well.


From top to bottom, this is the best line of truck tires. When it comes to outfitting a trailer, the LP 22.5 R197 is hands down the best on the market today. When looking for a steer tire, the 287 is top of the line.


For a quality trailer tire, the 455 is towards the top. Re-cap tires also are fine from Firestone


Goodyear isn’t as highly rated has Hankook or Bridgestone, but the casing is top of the line.


An economical choice for trailers and non-steering wheels.


An excellent, inexpensive off-brand. Not great for steer tires, but fine for a trailer.


The company makes some of the top deep tread tires for rough roads.


Michelin performs well for heavily used trucks, but may not be an economical choice for lower mileage.


These tires are almost exactly like Michelin, only far less expensive.


When looking for tires for a smaller, heavier truck (like a garbage truck), this is a great brand to use.

The right tires vary based on the exact rig and typical driving conditions. Phoenix Tire can help you select products that combine safety, performance and technology based on your needs.