Driving can be stressful. Sometimes it doesn’t even matter how long the drive is. Heading through Phoenix metro can be a nightmare, but thankfully it only lasts a small amount of time. Long haul trips bring about different kinds of stress. That’s why I recommend these 12 ways to reduce stress.

1. Have a Short Memory

People cut me off all the time. If I decided to tailgate or worry about every person who cut me off, I’d never stop worrying. I just take it in stride and let it go.

2. Change the Music

Music can have a direct effect on the heart. It’s why people pump iron to rap and other music with fast beats. However, you don’t want to drive with fast beats while stressed.

3. Take a Break

Sometime’s it is amazing what just stopping for 10 minutes to stretch the legs or something can do. I let it reset my head so when I get back on the road I’m feeling fresher.

4. Drive With Less Traffic

Traffic causes stress. That’s pretty obvious. It is why I like to drive at night when I can.

5. Ditch the Caffeine

Now, I still need my cup of Joe from time to time. But the constant influx of caffeine makes the heart race and can cause stress.

7. Good Nights Sleep

Get a good night of sleep. Nothing can make the next day more stressful than failure to do this.

8. Leave More Space

Sure, this doesn’t always work, as other people may cut in and take it. But if you can help it, leave more space between you and the car in front of you.

9. Clean Out The Truck

A cluttered workspace makes for more stress. The same is true while driving. Clean out the junk and it will do wonders for your stress level.

10. Exercise

Exercise is a nice way to distress. Even if you can’t go for a jog or lift some weights, go for a nice walk when done with driving for the day.

11. Plan Around Metros

Plan around what time you’ll hit a metro area. I try to hit major metros on off hours to avoid the heavy traffic and stress.

12. Watch the Diet

At least for me, I find heavier foods just make me grumpy. I try to switch up the diet to help improve my stress.