Proper vehicle maintenance is essential as a commercial truck driver. It ensures maximum performance, improves safety and can help boost fuel efficiency. Balancing your commercial truck tires is something you may not think of doing. If you rent out the rig it probably never crosses your mind, and even if you own your truck, it is something you probably don’t do often enough. In fact, according to Trucking Info, only 20% of truck tires are ever balanced. Take control of your safety and performance by knowing when to balance your tires.

When to Balance Your Tires?

Ideally, shoot to balance your tires every 20,000 miles or so. Realistically, this is easier to do when you own the truck, so you can keep track of the mileage and when the tires were last balanced. If you rent the rig, you might not have that information. Some fleets balance the tires every 50,000 miles, but even then most simply never balance at all.

Why Rebalance Your Tires?

Balancing your tires may seem like an unnecessary expense, but not if you consider how it can help you avoid certain mechanical problems. Over time, your vehicle will become more susceptible to a poor alignment. This alters the steering of the vehicle and may cause the tires to wear poorly and unevenly. Plus, when driving through mountains and slick conditions you need to have as much balance and traction as possible. Balancing your commercial truck tires every 20,000 miles does this.

Even though some manufacturers state balancing is not required, over time the shift in weight will cause an imbalance. It’s a good idea to add balancing to your maintenance schedule.