Heavy duty truck tires are made to last for a long time, but eventually, you should consider trading up to something newer and better. When you bring in your OTR tires, a Phoenix commercial truck mechanic should be able to let you know if your tires are nearing the end of their useful days, but if you are not ready to see a commercial truck mechanic yet, here are a few ways to know on your own!

Your heavy duty truck tires should have wear indicators that can help you understand how close they are to the end of their service life, without needing help from a commercial truck mechanic. Look for small bumps around the tire, typically positioned at 2/32 of an inch – if the indicators are worn level to the tread of your heavy duty truck tires it means that the tires do not have enough tread depth left to be useful.

Take a look at the tread itself, and the sidewalls of your heavy duty truck tires. If you see exposed material, major tread wear or irregular wear, or anything else that looks amiss, visit a commercial truck mechanic for a consultation.

Replacing your heavy duty truck tires is a great opportunity to trade up into something better. Visit a shop specializing in truck and OTR tires in Phoenix to check out your options! Now is the time to talk to a commercial truck mechanic or tire expert about the things you did and did not like about your last set of tires.

Want more traction? Look for OTR tires in Phoenix that have a more rugged tread, for better gripping power. Hoping for better efficiency and fuel mileage? There are heavy duty truck tires made to make long-haul travel more affordable.

When trading up your tires, think about anything that has changed since you last bought tires – if you are doing a different type of work with the vehicle, travelling on a different type of terrain, or otherwise doing something new that could change the type of tire you need, let your commercial truck mechanic know. Together you can find the best heavy duty truck tires for your vehicle, your budget, and your wish list.

Keep an eye on your heavy duty truck tires, and make sure you trade up when it’s time!