Roadside truck repair is an incredibly useful service, allowing you to wait for your mobile commercial truck mechanic instead of finding your own way to a 24 hour tire shop, or sitting on the side of the road waiting for a repair place to open.

Utilizing roadside truck repair is a good way to stay safe and get back on the road quickly, but there are a few things you should do while waiting for your commercial truck mechanic to maximize on your security and wellbeing. Accidents and emergencies happen on the road, but some of them are avoidable with care and caution.

While waiting for roadside truck repair, try to move off of the highway as much as possible. You should turn on your hazard lights or otherwise make your vehicle busy so that other motorists know to leave you room when they pass by.

Do not get out of your vehicle. Stepping out makes you a target for suspicious people, and also increases your chances of being hit by a passing vehicle. Also be sure to lock the doors! Of course, if it is more dangerous for you to stay put, you should move, but do so carefully and keep an eye on your surroundings. This is especially true when visibility is low, like at night or during bad weather. It’s hard to see people on the side of the road!

Once you have called for a commercial truck mechanic or other assistance from a 24 hour tire shop, be patient. Waiting for official roadside truck repair is a far better option than taking help from a stranger, even if they are well-meaning. If someone approaches you, stay back and do not give them an opportunity to reach into your vehicle or open a door. If you’re inside the car, only roll down the window enough to talk, rather than opening it all the way.

If you have a cell phone and coverage, keep it close by and be ready to dial 911 or another assistance number in case of emergency. It’s better to call for help than wait through a potentially dangerous situation so do not be afraid to call if the need arises.

When the commercial truck mechanic arrives, verify that he or she is with the company you called.