Proper forklift tires play a large role in the performance and efficiency of your forklift equipment. This means it is important to make sure you have the best tires for your forklift!

You have various options for forklift tires, depending on your needs and budget.

Pneumatic forklift tires are interchangeable for various types of equipment, and work well in heavy duty conditions. They are filled with air or foam, and are generally quite long lasting, built to stay strong in rough environments. These tires often come with a deep tread for high amounts of grip. They also work well in outdoor settings. They are similar to heavy duty truck tires, but made for forklifts.

Solid rubber forklift tires are similar to pneumatic tires, but with less cushion. They are also long lasting, but may provide less protection for the forklift itself.

Polyurethane tires are lightweight and can bear a lot of weight, but are generally not the best choice for outdoor or rugged applications. These forklift tires are ideal for indoor settings with electric forklifts.

When you are looking for new tires for sale, it makes sense to think about what setting you will be using your forklift in, first. As you can see, forklift tires vary depending on where the forklift will be used, so establish that first.

Budget may also factor into your search for new tires for sale. Generally, prices vary widely depending on the size of tires, the manufacturer, and the quality of each set of forklift tires. You can find tires of all types at each price point, so if you need a specific type of tire do not let your budget deter you.

Make sure the forklift tires you choose are manufacturer approved. Your equipment’s instruction manual should have some information about what tires are best for that particular forklift, which can help you quickly narrow down your options to make the best choice.

Talk to experts in heavy duty truck tires and forklift tires about what you need to maximize on the potential of your heavy duty equipment. The experts can help direct you to the best tires for your purposes, and ensure that you have all the services you need to keep those tires working well in the future – protecting your investment makes it last a lot longer!