There’s really nothing like a great book when out on the road. One way to pass the time is to pop on an audio book. It really helps make the hours fly by. While we all have our favorite genres and styles of books, these are all about travel and, more specifically, driving. On the Road by[…] Read More

Driving in the desert is not hard, but you still want to follow some simple tips to make sure your trips go smoothly. The desert areas of Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah are always well-traveled and offer good access to most of the Western US. While savvy drivers always perform pre-trip inspections and maintenance, consider[…] Read More

Proper vehicle maintenance is essential as a commercial truck driver. It ensures maximum performance, improves safety and can help boost fuel efficiency. Balancing your commercial truck tires is something you may not think of doing. If you rent out the rig it probably never crosses your mind, and even if you own your truck, it[…] Read More