Driving during monsoon season in Arizona means dealing with sudden weather events. High winds and heavy rain characterize the monsoon in Phoenix, Tucson, and surrounding areas. The season lasts from mid-June to late September. Plan Your Trip Subscribe to weather updates. Because the monsoon affects a large area with varying altitudes, it might be raining[…] Read More

I remember when my stepdad showed me how to check tire tread depth with a penny. You stand Lincoln on his head in one of the grooves, and if they’re deep enough to cover the top of his head, you’re all right. If Lincoln’s head has clearance, you need new tires. That was years ago;[…] Read More

As a top new tire dealer in Phoenix, of course we encourage you to buy new tires! But if you must buy used, a new law offers some protection by defining the attributes of waste tires. Unfortunately, it does not penalize used tire dealers who place unsafe tires on your vehicle. Waste Tires vs Used[…] Read More