Tracking gas prices seems like a full time job, and there’s an entire industry devoted to alerting consumers about changes in prices at the pump. For commercial drivers, what happens in an OPEC country inevitably affects the bottom line. The fall of 2017 has been, to say the least, exciting when it comes to fuel[…] Read More

The bigger your fleet, the more fuel savings add up. The same goes for tire savings: the longer your tires last, the less you spend over time. To that end, Bridgestone’s Ecopia line appeals to a sustainable fleet management strategy. Two new wide-base tires, one for the drive position and the other for trailers, boast[…] Read More

Michelin is going full speed with their “powerline” concept. Their newly released Advantage T/A LT for CUVs, SUVs, and some light trucks, coupled with the Advantage T/A for smaller passenger vehicles, will replace older models. Why choose Michelin BFGoodrich Advantage? According to the company, the all-season tires perform 30% better than competitors in winter conditions. Compared[…] Read More