If you’ve never dealt with the aftermath of a major tire blowout, count yourself lucky. As the temperatures start to heat up, you’re likely to see more failed tire treads or”road gators” along the side of the road. Two of the most common causes of tire explosions include driving overweight cars and high temperatures. Other[…] Read More

All Wheel Drive (AWD) and Four Wheel Drive are viable and popular options for vehicles. When activated, it sends power to all four wheels of a vehicle, which gives better handling. However, in reality AWD isn’t all that necessary in some locations. If you live in the American Southwest, outside of rain during monsoon season,[…] Read More

When you turn your vehicle on, does the tire pressure indicator constantly ping on? Have you become accustomed to hearing the chime of low air pressure accompany the start of your vehicle? You are not alone. It happens to people all around the country. But why does your tire pressure light keep coming on? And[…] Read More